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1. Introduction
1.1. This statement describes the policy of I See I Know B.V. (Chamber of Commerce number 08127792 and hereafter referred to as "iSee iKnow") in relation to this application's processing of personal data. This statement is a supplement to the General Privacy Statement on the public website of iSee iKnow (www.iseeiknow.com).
1.2. iSee iKnow exercises care in dealing with your personal data. iSee iKnow observes the applicable legislation on privacy, including the General Data Protection Regulation (hereafter the "GDPR").
1.3. iSee iKnow is the Processor *) of this application and offers this service to the Controller *), who is generally your employer. The Processor and the Controller process data in terms of a licence agreement, possibly with an additional Processor Agreement.

2. Use of personal data
The Controller may enter your personal data in this application. The data processed by the Processor (iSee iKnow) depends on the role that the Controller has given you.
2.1. By activating your account, the Controller gives you permission to use this website/application. Access to any party can then be revoked by de-activating the account and – depending on mutual (employment) contracts and/or statutory obligations – the Controller may either retain your personal data for longer or may pseudonymise it immediately ***).

3. Personal data
3.1. By logging in, you give your permission to the Processor (on behalf of the Controller) to process a range of personal data, namely **):

4. Purposes
The Processor processes the data detailed above for the following purposes:
(a) to enable you to buy services in the field of training (the Processor cannot provide these services unless this data is supplied);
(b) to improve the iSee iKnow application.

5. Passing personal data to third parties
5.1. iSee iKnow only allows third parties to access the data you provide if this is necessary for maintaining and debugging the software.
5.2. iSee iKnow can pass data to a third party for the ongoing development of the software. iSee iKnow ensures that your data is rendered anonymous and that data is not used for any other purpose.
5.3. iSee iKnow will not pass data to any parties other than those specified above, unless permitted or compelled to do so by law, for instance if the police or public prosecutor require it, in which case iSee iKnow is legally compelled to release such personal data.

6. Portability
6.1. Portability of personal data is confined to the test results attained ****). The intellectual property rights to the teaching material (content) are usually held by the Controller (your employer) or the Processor (iSee iKnow) and are not transferrable to third parties pursuant to any claims under the GDPR.

7. Security and retention
7.1. iSee iKnow takes appropriate security measures to limit abuse of and unauthorised access to your personal data. For instance, iSee iKnow ensures that only specific individuals have access to your data and that this access is screened; it also uses firewalls, secure servers and data processing agreements with third parties.
7.2. iSee iKnow retains your personal data for no longer than is necessary to provide you with the relevant service(s).
7.3. The period of saving personal data is limited to a maximum of the length of your access rights from the Controller. If you have an employment relationship with the Controller (your employer), your employer may extend the period by a further fixed period associated with statutory obligations. Your data will be pseudonymised at the end of the retention period ***).
If you yourself have sent your personal data to an iSee iKnow demo site and no longer intend to use the site(s) in question, your data will be pseudonymised if you ask. ***).
This does not apply if iSee iKnow is obliged to retain your data for longer in terms of a statutory obligation. iSee iKnow pseudonymises ***) personal data before any databases are used for analysis or further development. iSee iKnow records and retains log-in attempts. Only the originally used username and IP address are retained from pseudonymised databases ***).

8. Cookies and profiling
8.1. Cookies are small text files that are saved on your computer or mobile device when you visit an iSee iKnow website. Cookies are used on the iSee iKnow websites in order to offer you the optimum user experience. For example, they save you from having to enter the same information repeatedly and make it easier for you to navigate through the website.
8.2. iSee iKnow may also use analytical cookies in order to analyse and improve the iSee iKnow website(s).
8.3. You can enable or disable cookies in your browser settings.
8.4. iSee iKnow does not on its own initiative link any personal data with other databases.
8.5. iSee iKnow does not get involved in profiling for third parties on its websites.
8.6. Individuals are not followed in a public domain and the range is limited to user groups (employees) of employers (Controllers) that have concluded a licence agreement with iSee iKnow (Processor).

9. Third-party websites
The applications may contain references to other websites, such as hyperlinks inserted by the Controller. iSee iKnow is not responsible or liable for the processing of personal data by those websites. This privacy statement does not apply to the use of such third-party websites.

10. Social media
The application does not contain any social media buttons unless the Controller has inserted them. If you click on any inserted buttons for the social media networks Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, etc., your personal data will be processed by the social media platform in question. You should read the privacy statements of Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+ to find out how these networks deal with your personal data.

11. Amendments
iSee iKnow may amend this privacy statement from time to time. Any amendments will be published on our website.

12. Your rights: inspection and amendment of data
You are entitled to object to the processing of your personal data, after discussing this with your employer and obtaining its approval. This includes the right to ask iSee iKnow for inspection, rectification or deletion of your personal data. You may also ask for your personal data to be transferred to you. You will receive a summary of your personal data within four weeks after your request is received.

13. Complaints
iSee iKnow is keen to hear if you have any complaints about the processing of your personal data. You are also entitled under privacy legislation to submit a complaint to the Dutch Personal Data Authority [Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens].

14. Data processor
The data processor as defined in the applicable legislation and regulations is the private limited liability company I See I Know B.V., Hendrick de Keyserlaan 12, 7425 NH Deventer, Netherlands (CoC 08127792).

15. Contacting iSee iKnow
If you wish to get in touch with iSee iKnow in relation to this statement, please use the following contact information:
By phone: +31 (0)570 608 722 (Monday to Friday from 09.30 to 17.00)
Email: info@iseeiknow.com
Website: via the contact form on www.iseeiknow.com
Post: Hendrick de Keyserlaan 12, 7425 NH Deventer, Netherlands


*) Your employer is the Controller in terms of the GDPR (General Data Processing Regulation). In iSee iKnow, it is represented by the role of Coordinator. The Processor in terms of the GDPR is iSee iKnow. If you log in directly to one of the iSee iKnow sites or demo sites, then iSee iKnow is also the Controller. Demo sites may be managed by iSee iKnow or by agents of iSee iKnow. In those cases, the agents act as Controllers.

**) If an (unknown) user registers for this site using the internet via the log-in page, phone and full address details are asked for and retained as a means of identification. The Controller may subsequently delete these details, whether or not it grants permission for access.

***) Users are rendered anonymous, but the Processor uses the term "pseudonymise" here because in theory a record ID number of an anonymous user can be linked back to an individual's name if reports were generated in the past and retained and they contained ID numbers and individuals' names. All records that include your ID may be removed from the database on special request to iSee iKnow (ratified by your employer). The Processor itself retains no reports containing individuals' names and IDs. A pseudonymised database is one in which all users, apart from administrators, are rendered anonymous.

****) Test results are called "Verifications" and "Certifications" in iSee iKnow and can be transferred to the user or to third parties in PDF format.